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frequently asked questions

What is a session fee?
The session fee is like a "sitting fee". It covers all of our planning time, shooting time, and editing time, as well as any props we may pick up for the shoot itself. It does not include any digital files or physical products, as those are purchased separately after your session.

Do you shoot on location or in studio?
I am lucky enough to have an in-home studio space here in New Fairfield that I love to use for Newborn, Maternity, and Milestone Sessions. However, if we're going to capture family portraits, or engagement portraits then we will definitely be heading outdoors or to any location that best represents your unique family!

When is the best time to get family portraits done?
The quick answer? Right now! I know you think it's my job to say that, but I truly believe it with all of my heart. None of us know what tomorrow brings, so it's super important to not put things off too long. Remember, while these images and art pieces are of course for you and your home - they are more for your kids, and your grand kids. You want your children to grow up and look at them and fight over who gets to keep what piece. You ultimately want them to have that physical reminder of the love you have always had for them. As far as seasons go, my favorites are Spring and Fall but really it's whatever speaks to you! My outdoor sessions are always held in the early morning or late evening to take full use of the beautiful soft light the sun provides at those times.

How many images do we get to see?
After each full session, I will go through all of the images and pick the best of the best to show to you. I aim for the images that are not only technically sound, but that best highlight the story of your family. I always look for images full of love, light, and laughter! A gallery is typically around 30 final images.

What's the best way to prepare for a session?
I am a mother myself, and I know preparing for portraits can be a little daunting. We take immense pride in providing a full, hands on experience from day one, and are always available to help along the way. The key is to keep things fun and light and that is possible through good old fashioned preparation so that on the day of the shoot, you can just show up, relax, and enjoy your family! We will provide personal guidance with wardrobe, location, and props, to keep your stress level to a minimum.

When should we book our newborn session?
Newborn sessions are done (typically) within the first two weeks after the birth, so be sure to book while you're still pregnant. We take a limited number of sessions per month, so once you book we will keep a spot for you within 2 weeks of your due date and work from there on the timing if he/she comes early.

Do you still shoot Maternity Portraits?
Yes! I am so excited to begin this fall with our Maternity Portrait Parties! Once every two months we will host an event here at the studio for expecting mommas - it will be a day of fun and pampering for Mom, including a mini portrait session, professional hair and makeup, a relaxing massage, and five digital images. We provide the wardrobe as well, so she can literally show up here with nothing but her underwear and a good attitude and we will take care of the rest! Be sure to keep a watch on our Facebook, Blog, and Instagram for the dates and details.